Friday, May 29, 2009

"What The F*ck Is The Internet?"

The John Calipari/Derrick Rose shitfest continues to fester.

The situation isn't heating up as much as it's simply sucking people into the internet's vortex of power and social connectivity.

Now, Deadspin and other sources throughout the blogosphere are reporting on Calipari's oldest daughter--Erin--and the verbal thrashings she delivered to ESPN's Pat Forde via

It's pretty entertaining, check it out.

At the same token, the gal does have a point.

You can say I'm biased. You can say I think the Calipari girls are smoking-hot and that's why I am jumping to this biased conclusion or what have you...

Well, you are likely half right. Erin's also extremely nice, as we met at the Jimmy V Classic two years ago and she was nothing short of a sweetie. She's also got a great deal of pride for her Pops' team and played at Division-I UMass two years.

So yes, I think both Megan and Erin Calipari are fucking gorgeous.

It would not seize to surprise me if these two girls kick-start, trigger and charge up the twisted minds of a buffet-line of hoop junkies.

Still....I am in defense of Coach Calipari.

I do not think Coach Calipari should be held accountable for these latest allegations.

The talking heads are reporting an incident which (if true) occurred before Derrick Rose ever stepped foot on Memphis' campus, something that's tucked away in the past now.

It's irrelevant because:

1) it occurred before Rose's one-and-done at Memphis

2) Coach Cal had no control over this.

Did Calipari slip into the skin of a Chicago Simeon High School student and take Rose's SAT for him?

Did he bust into the school's guidance office in a cold sweat one morning, demanding that they tweak the super-athletic Chicago Bulls guard's transcript?

Did he "make it rain" on the desk of Rose's guidance counselor as if she was a damn stripper and demand she "up his D to a C. If anyone asks, it was a keyboard malfunction. Bitch!"

I highly doubt it.

This manifesto of hate is coming from a Memphis newspaper (Memphis Commercial Appeal) trying to pour hatorade on Cali's veins for a quirky recruiting violation that may have occurred a WHILE ago.

Perhaps the folks at the Memphis Commercial Appeal feel they owe him from previous years (see Wagner, Milt).

So, now that this guy is blazing the recruiting trails and establishing himself as the most powerful man in college hoops, the Commercial Appeal is fiending to break him down just as fast as they built him up.

They were scared shitless to bust out a bombshell allegation then, but it's suddenly becoming a media trend to break out bombshell allegations of this ilk.

Calipari has just wrapped up one of the most talent-saturated recruiting classes in NCAA history (if all these players pan out that is), after following the long green from Memphis to the bluegrass.

Ironic that this earth-scorching story breaks out following the UConn and USC allegations and this major move on the college basketball landscape, huh?

Seems like a bunch of folks going into investigation mode because, to paraphrase coaching tyrant Jim Calhoun (a Calipari nemesis widely recognized for his anti-media rants), they feel pressured to do so.

Coach Calipari seems to have the upper hand on a lot of these so-called recruiting masterminds. I guess that makes him a criminal. It makes him a bad person, of course. It makes you wonder. It makes you dig into the paranoid compartment of your brain...

Since Bobby Knight bounced, few coaches on this side of Calhoun have had any balls...

Big no-no's 50 times worse than this occur at every high major school in the country and the media deliberately looks in the opposite direction....Enjoy hating....Watch John Wall and company scrape your team on TV....

I'm sure Derrick Rose is sulking over the fact that a few talking heads are calling him a cheater.