Thursday, May 28, 2009

LBJ, Cavs Live To Fight Another Day

Whether he was barreling to the bucket and absorbing contact, canning a crucial trey, or permeating the teeth of the defense for an acrobatic layin, there was simply no stopping Lebron James Thursday night.

The king defended his castle, dropping 37 points while propelling the Cavs to a 112-102 victory.

Recording a do-or-die must-win, the Cavs live to fight another day.

It's been a ziplock-tight series, one that's included two one-point games as well as one two-point overtime game.

During the game's late and most pivotal junctures, Lebron had a hand in 32 consecutive points. We were all fucking witnesses.

The 6-foot-8 wunderkind added 14 rebounds and 12 dimes in an otherworldly, me-against-the-world showing.

Cleveland utilized a laissez-faire, freelance offense in those final, determining minutes. The one-man wrecking cyborg took it to the Magic at a relentless pace.

He also made a conscious effort to get his teammates involved, a crucial recipe for Cleveland's success.

"Tonight he's done it with scoring and assists," said Marv "Bagel Bites" Albert, noting how LBJ's performance was reminiscent of the memorable Godzilla-slaying performance he turned in against the Pistons (29 straight points in the '07 playoffs).

So, the playmaking guard kept the defenders off-balance with pinpoint passes.

He passed up on a jumper, instead kicking it to quick-strike 3-point shooter Daniel "Booby" Gibson.

It's good to see you in here tonight, Booby! We lost track of your whereabouts prior to this series. Glad to have you back.

Gibson, Robin to James' Batman during the aforementioned 2007 Eastern Conference Finals, has hit his fair share of timely trifectas this series.

James delivered a bullet pass to Anderson Varajao, who converted the layup (plus the foul) to supply Cleveland with a 105-96 bulge with 1:07 remaining.

Varajao, the rangy forward who's an exact replica of Sideshow Bob with his floppy hair and behemoth feet, completed the traditional three-point play.

"It's win or go home," said James, who cops triple-doubles like the rest of us wake up in the morning.

"Mo came out, and was aggressive. Today, it was a lot from our bench...The complimentary guys came in and did what they had to do. We gotta play gritty, we've gotta put the ball up the court and play fast, we've got to do everything in our will (to take Game 6)."

An entourage of high-end playboys, with Jay-Z at the center, embraced Lebron after the game.

Mo Williams needed a breakout game of this caliber. He was the target of much scrutiny after giving the media his guarantee game.

Mo Will's game had tailed off in this series, as he shot the rock at a 7-for-21 clip and then a meager 5-for-15 clip. He hadn't been coming through in the clutch and draining threes in titanic situations.

Not tonight.

The search warrant for Williams' ratchet has been called off. The former standout baseball player shot 7-for-14 from the field, 6-for-9 from the great beyond. He totaled 24 points in 42 minutes.

"He had a heck of a game. I didn't even know he had a triple-double," said Cavs coach Mike Brown, whose post-game speeches are typically as intriguing as watching grass grow.

"That's what great players do."

LBJ proved the world is still his tonight.

We're just living in it.