Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FIU Making Pitch For 'Born Ready?'

Florida International University has become the latest team embroiled in the seemingly never-ending Lance Stephenson sweepstakes.

FIU, where Isiah Thomas recently supplanted Sergio Rouco, is supposedly a potential suitor for the coveted but controversial 6-foot-6 guard.

“Thomas is going after Lance hard,” said a source with insider information.

“He tried to get (Kentucky-commit) Eric Bledsoe as his first step to reviving that program. As of right now, Zeke has the upper hand on Arizona, Memphis and whoever else, for reasons I’m not at liberty to speak about,” explained the source.

The source continued, “I get the inside word before it even hits the streets.”
Stephenson, a McDonald’s All-American who’s been involved in more rumors than a Perez Hilton blog, is still undecided.

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