Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fast Times In Orlando

Big Sully, he of more addictions than Eminem, shot me a vital text message last night.

Sully, who may have sullied his relationship with some of the good jewish folks at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn. (though this half jew still shows him more love than Woodstock), pointed out something you may have seen in the pre-game.

Reggie Miller was trying to act like he's not a little high-maintenance whiteboy.

Not so fast.

Remember, this is the obnoxious stringbean who gets into face fights with Spike Lee, garners Best Actor nominations after receiving a light love tap, spikes the ball in an anger at Madison Square Garden after playing the best game of his life (you tell em, Reggie!), and punches the computer of a media man when things aren't going his way.

The same old little Reggie who hurls chewing gum at referees, sulking over a questionable call. The same boney baller who sits on the bench and helplessly cries a Calumet Riversystem of tears while Indiana is on the brink of a first round flameout.

Reg probably still has a dent in his head, residual effects of John Starks' short-fused work. It's indicative of the fact that Miller's penchant for being an irritant can always set off the wrong person.

Prior to the game, Miller was out of his element. He was talking as if he wasn't a nerdy cornball, claiming that Mo Williams must turn in a Godzilla-slaying performance in this crucial game 4.

Miller said he hated to put the burden on the All-Star guard, but Mo Williams needed a big Game 4 for the Cavs to win....

Williams, who guaranteed a victory but ended up selling the store, may have proved Miller's words prophetic.

But Reggie is still a bitch!!!