Friday, February 27, 2009

UConn "Sticks" It To Marquette

It wasn't a coming out party as much as it was a loud thud of a wakeup call for UConn wing Stanley "Sticks" Robinson.

The message sent to Sticks during the Huskies' 93-82 win over No.10 Marquette Wednesday night? You can be a dominant player in this league, but you've got to want it.

Sticks, a starter averaging a meager five points, wanted it bad Wednesday night. Wanted it with the same sense of urgency me and every straight male on planet earth want to see naked pictures of Jessica Biel.

The freakishly athletic 6-foot-9 jumping jack used his explosive first step, attacked the rims early and often, and scored crucial buckets en route to a wowing 19-point, 10-board performance.

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