Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Off To The Next Steph

The marriage that never was finally came to an end yesterday.

Stephon Marbury, the Brooklyn-bred point guard who starred at Lincoln High in Coney Island, who junkies swore to be the next great player out of New York, reached a buyout settlement with the New York Knicks.

Marbury, described as a score-first fundamentalist who can't steer a team past the first round of the playoffs, ended a highly-anticipated wait. The tatted, Jesus freak guard who skyrocketed to stardom after leading Georgia Tech and then becoming one of the NBA's burgeoning stars with the Minnesota Timberwolves, has watched his image die a slow and painful death in New York.

He was exiled from an organization that wanted little to do with him, though they forked him over a king's ransom in a 2008-2009 season that still hasn't seen him touch a basketball.

The only player to become a Knick nemesis while he actually played for the team (Marbury had public feuds with Larry Brown, Isiah Thomas, and Mike D'Antoni and ripped the organization after Donnie Walsh and company essentially hit him with a lifetime embargo from team practices and games), $TARBURY is expected to join the Boston Celtics after he's done clearing waivers.

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