Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't Hate, IS8

Smoking Saturday at IS8
By Zach Smart

Queens, N.Y.– In this day and age, it’s a good thing that we have blogs. It’s wild to think how important and beneficial our up to the minute news coverage is. If there’s a fire in the IS8 gym during a popular event such as the 2008 Tip Off Fall Classic, the public obviously needs to be informed right away.

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, Jamaica Fire Department can be informed right before the folks begin to stop, drop, and roll. God bless the internet.
Because of our emergence into the blogging, fast-pace news era, people who planned on attending yesterday’s event after 1:30 were saved from the fireworks. After all, they could have been too late, arriving while the whole gym was buried in a sea of ash.
This was the case Saturday afternoon, as Juice All-Stars sharpshooter Darwin “Buddah” Ellis scorched the nets, setting the gym ablaze as the standing-room only crowd erupted into a frenzy.

Ellis, who canned a pair of momentum threes heading into the half and took over after Juice’s vaunted senior guard Lance Stephenson left the game in the third quarter (slight knee twinge), shouldered the burden of leader. He splashed the nylon during critical sequences and set the tone for Dwayne “Tiny” Morton’s front-loaded AAU squad. Ellis cooked NYABC to the recipe of 23 points, including four timely treys.

Ellis went lights out, and the hot hand suddenly became contagious. The Juice All-Stars turned on the heat in the second half, shooting NYABC out of the bandbox gym en route to a 99-80 thrashing.

A surplus of scouts, coaches and New York City basketball junkies alike flooded the gymnasium.
The only fire hazard, however, was on the hardwood.

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