Friday, July 11, 2008


An archetypal supersub entering his fourth season with the Knicks, David Lee is sprouting into a young NBA icon.
The 6-foot-9 power forward out of the University of Florida is a rare retro NBA cat with an explosive punch to his game.
With his all-out hustle, relentless rebounding, freakish athleticism, and shallow slingshot jumper, Lee is a fundamentally sound pro. He contains all the tools to emerge into the face of the franchise. In his three seasons in orange and blue, Lee has won over perhaps the NBA’s toughest fan-base (Isiah's verbal assassins have had more to boo about than cheer about for the better portion of a decade, and the Ewing-Starks-Mase-Oak-DHarp foundation that engendered support from the entire tri-state area is as dead as Saddam's stache) while playing under the hard-hitting media. That's one reason why this patchwork group of misfits receives pay checks fatter than Oliver Miller after his latest McDonald's romp. The media scrutiny, the fact that every little fucking nook and cranny is dissected and fed back to you in negative light, it could be overwhelming at times. IF I CAN MAKE IT HERE, I'LL MAKE IT ANYWHERE.....
Lee, a dynamic jumping jack on a team that’s severely polluted with guards (with the recent acquisition of Chris Duhon, the Knicks now have seven guards) has given disgruntled Knicks fans something to smile about the past few seasons.
The team that seems to flounder (just ask Clyde) no matter how much of Daddy's chicken Jim Dolan shells out on high-priced and marketable, card-shop names, Lee always seems to bring something positive to the table while the team fails to mesh.
He’s the blood-stallion of a scintillating 2005 draft class that includes high-octane guard Nate Robinson. In addition to a blossoming player, Lee is a walking double-double. The behemoth took home MVP of the 2007 Schick Rookie Game, pouring in 30 points while snaring 14 rebounds.
On a team front-loaded with shoot-first individualists, Lee is the light at the end of the tunnel.
This week, Lee will bless the Rivertowns with his presence as Teaches Camps LLC holds their first-ever David Lee Basketball Camp at Dobbs Ferry High School.
Terry Teachout and Chris Ward, who was named Applebees Section 1/NYS coach of the year following his lone year at Hastings High School, were instrumental in bringing Lee to Dobbs Ferry.
Teachout, the founding father of Teaches Basketball Camps, makes his living as a basketball trainer and is Lee’s personal instructor during the off-season. Ward is the Vice President of Basketball Operations for Teaches Hoops.
Teachout is also a shooting coach at Mount Vernon high school, the perennial power that produced Chicago Bulls star Ben Gordon.
Teachout and Ward both expect a solid turnout, especially considering Lee is the Knick.....with the Knack!
The whole charade of finding a young, burgeoning NBA player to run a camp with Teaches is nothing new for Ward and Teachout, who probably urinate high school hoops stats.
The hoops-crazed tandem spent the week of June 23-27 in Aurora, Ohio, working the Daniel Gibson basketball camp.
On tap for late July is a camp held by Wizards forward Andray Blatche, a still-raw 21-year-old who made the titanic leap from prep school to the NBA. The eventwill be held in Potomac, Md.
Blatche, whose penchant for stealing whips must be put on hold in front of the little young ones, is working with the New York-based company for the first time.

Werd Around The Pad: Lamar Odom getting shipped to Sac-town for Young Brolick, Ron Artest? A trade of this magnitude would give L.A. perhaps the greatest 1-2 defensive tandem since the Bulls with Jordan and Pippen. That is, if the Kings do part ways with Q-borough's finest and him and Kobe manage to co-exist. Now that's about as likely as Peter North and Jill Kelly getting married and practicing sexual abstinence for a month.