Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This could be it. I'm obviously hoping it won't be. When the surf splashes the shoreline, however, I think its palpable that the Celtics should capture their first NBA championship since back in the day. You know, the epoch where Bird cocked back the hallmark slingshot and Parrish preached a collection of post moves and the late DJ layed it in like Christ the King as the Cs copped banners like 10-year-old at a sports paraphernilia shop.

Dwayne Wade opines that the pressure is on for the Celtics to bring home the chip and the exclamation point on a 2007-2008 campaign that ressurrected an ailing program.

The Zen Master is 40-0 in playoff series' in which he has scored a first-game victory. While that has nothing to do with the price of bootleg DVDs sold on Amsterdam Ave., it could be an indicator that another piece of glistening gold isn't in the cards.

Let's not forget, it is the opponent that preaches the we-before-me, selfless brand of basketball that Jackson places strong emphasis on in his book Sacred Hoops. This set of "spiritual lessons of a hardwood warrior" desrcibes a system that's underscored by pure cohesion and a state of alchemy that's achieved via harmony and sacrificing for the greater good.

His system has been slightly different on a team that stops and starts with Kobe the scoring prowess of Kobe Bryant. The L.A. police, however, recently called off the search warrant that was sent out for the games of Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. The frontcourt duo turned in sublime showings that helped create a "balanced attack," something the Lakers need more than ever to stamp this crucial game 6 victory and extend the series to a Game 7.